Talent Idea

Enterprises are made up of people. Only those enterprises which gather the best talents can win in the competition.

The company always adheres to advocating a knowledgeable, innovative, caring and dedicated corporate culture, and gradually establishes an equal, free and fair competitive employment environment to stimulate everyone's creativity. The company always regards talents as the most important strategic resources and core competitiveness, regards talents as the strategic resources and core competitiveness of the company, adheres to the concept of "people-oriented" employment, and creates an enterprise atmosphere of "respecting, cultivating and cohesing talents".

Every person who enters Hongjie should have the following common characteristics: honesty, dedication, diligence and eagerness to learn; good communication skills and strong team spirit.

Work in Hongjie

Talents are the cornerstone of enterprise development and the source of innovation. The development of enterprises can not be separated from the creation of professional teams. Hongjie has a team of professional experts with excellent quality, comprehensive technology and consistent goals.

Talent Recruitment