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Quote: (Key words: cryogenic batteries, power batteries, intelligent detection robot lithium batteries) Because of the rapid development of intelligent robot technology, more and more applications. Our company customized intelligent detection robot lithium batteries with & ldquo; high energy, high density, high cycle life, wide use environment temperature & rdquo; in - 20 degrees to 65 degrees environment, so that the robot can work normally all day in harsh environments.

Widely used in a variety of AGV, RGV, automatic guided vehicles, industrial robots, service robots, automation systems, intelligent logistics trucks, special robots and other intelligent automatic logistics handling equipment.

1. Battery design requirements for intelligent detection robots:

According to the requirements and specifications of customers, low-temperature battery packs matched with railway track, aircraft and other testing equipment are designed, together with safety protection circuits such as temperature protection, to achieve battery solutions matched with equipment operating in low temperature and harsh environment.

2. Specific parameters are as follows:

1) Core design requirements: lithium ternary materials 26650-14S12P/50Ah/51.2V

2) Structural design requirements: less than 375 x 260 x 215 mm, exquisite appearance, overall dust-proof, water-proof and shock-proof, cold-rolled plate powder spraying shell plus aviation connector.

3) Circuit design requirements: working temperature: - 20 ~+60 C, motor power: 1200W, traveling mileage: 30-40 km, working 2-4, charging 58.8V/5A.

3. Design of Battery for Intelligent Detection Robot

1) Sheet metal powder spraying shell plus plastic battery bracket: according to customer requirements, the design size meets the requirements of sheet metal shell, surface powder spraying to make sub-black effect, to achieve exquisite design requirements, to meet the requirements of waterproof, dust-proof and shock-proof, the use of integrated nickel strip spot welding, with plastic bracket to connect the core, the use of copper row spanning, a good guarantee The impedance and reliability of the whole battery pack are discussed.

2) Protective board:


3) Overcurrent protection sheet (PTC): Mainly for secondary protection function design. PTC can restore the fuse with over-current protection, automatic recovery dual function. PTC in battery products can prevent high temperature discharge and unsafe high current.

4) Special Vacuum Waterproof Aviation Plug: Vacuum waterproof connection is used outside the battery to meet customer's waterproof requirements.

5) LA26650-14S12P/50Ah/51.2V lithium battery pack (low temperature battery)

6) Battery Arrangement Scheme

Customer's overall size: 375 x 260 x 215 mm (maximum size)

_Battery combination: 14S12P, divided into seven small modules.

_Module Arrangement


7)Circuit diagram of design scheme


Battery product realization chart