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AGV unmanned transport platform, automatic warehousing logistics vehicle, fully autonomous laser positioning and navigation; single operation time more than 8 hours, self-charging; real-time data communication with material dispatching system, traffic control system, power supply detection system; timely troubleshooting; low-power alarm automatic charging or guiding charging; in particular; Suitable for cold storage logistics.

Applied environment application occasion indoor outdoor

Working temperature/humidity - 40-60 C; 40-60% RH

Storage temperature/humidity - 30-45 C; 50-70% RH

Charging and discharging requirements for special performance at high and low temperatures - charging at 20-45 C; - discharging at 40-60 C

The shelf life is one year.

Explosion-proof grade Ex(/Explosion-proof type)/Equipment group/Gas group/Temperature group

Waterproof grade/

Dust-proof grade/

The number of falls is 3 times; 300 mm vertical falls

Operating Voltage Range of Electricity Characteristic 20.0-28.8V

Battery capacity 40Ah

Working hours/

Battery size 360*260*125 mm

Normal working current 4200 mA

Maximum starting current 10A, starting time 20ms

Maximum continuous working current 200A, elevator motor working

Continuous use of electricity frequency and time

Communication mode of power management CAN2.0_I2C RS485 (MODbus)

Product certification and environmental protection requirements GB31241-2014 (CQC), CE, UL2054, UL60950, un38.3, RCM, KC, PSE, BIS, BMSI, REACH, RoHS, battery instructions

Product No. HPB-212-11

Battery specification 25.6V40Ah

Core Model L148F20C-20000mAh-3.2V

Packaging Form_Basic Protective Class_PVC+Non-Basic Protective Class_Shell+Basic Protective Class_Shell+Non-Basic Protective Class

Main parameter nominal voltage 25.6V

Nominal capacity 40 000 mAh

Battery size 360*260*125

Battery internal resistance <50m.

Battery weight 15kg

Charging current 8000mA (0.2C)

Continuous discharge current 8000mA

Protective Current 300A

Charging Voltage 29.2V

Discharge cut-off voltage 20.0V

Service life charging and discharging conditions 0.2C charging and 0.2C discharging, > 1000 times

Charging Temperature-20-45 C

Discharge temperature - 40 - 60 C

Storage temperature - 30 - 45 C

Temperature protection 65 +5 C

main features

1. It can work normally under harsh conditions - 40 degrees, and its capacity retention rate is more than 70%.

2. Charge the battery at - 20 degrees.

3. At room temperature, the battery can discharge up to 40C.