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POS (point of sale) is a multi-functional terminal. It can be installed in the special merchants and receiving points of credit cards and connected with computers. It can realize the automatic transfer of electronic funds. It has the functions of supporting consumption, pre-authorization, balance inquiry and transfer. It is safe, fast and reliable to use. POS system was first used in retail business, and then gradually extended to other service industries such as finance, hotels and so on. The scope of using POS system also extended from within the enterprise to the whole supply chain.

Application Environment Indoor Outdoor

Operating temperature/humidity: 0-45 C; 30-85% RH

Storage temperature/humidity: 0-45 C; 30-85% RH

Special performance: high and low temperature charging and discharging require charging at 0-45 and discharging at - 20-60 C.

Other Requirements 1 Year Warranty Period

Explosion-proof grade Exib iB T4

Waterproof grade IP97

Dust Class IPxx

Number of falls/

Electricity Characteristic: Working Voltage Range 3.0-4.2V

Battery capacity 2000mAh

Working hours: 2.5 hours (within 50 cycles of battery)

Battery size MAX: 52.3*49.5*12mm

Normal working current 800mA

Maximum starting current 2.8A starting time 20ms

Maximum continuous working current 2A

Frequency and Time of Electricity Use High Frequency of Battery Use

Electricity management/

Product Certification and Environmental Protection Requirements Type GB31241-2014 (CQC) CE




_Component Certification_BIS


_RoHS_Battery Instruction

_Halogen-free Others: Explosion-proof Certification

Scheme Design Project No. 05BQ1088-03

Battery specification 103443/2000 mAh/3.6V

Core model 103443/2000 mAh/3.6V

Protection board and hardware configuration IC bq27541V200+R5402N101KD-TR+LTC4361TSTB

MOS AO8810*3




Packaging Form_Basic Protective Class_PVC+Non-Basic Protective Class_Shell+Basic Protective Class_Shell+Non-Basic Protective Class

Main parameters Nominal voltage 3.7V

Nominal capacity 2000mAh

Battery size 67.5*37.5*20.5 mm

Battery internal resistance <150 m_

Battery weight 80G

Charging current 0.4A

Continuous discharge current 0.8A

Protective Current Discharge 5-8A

Short Circuit Current Discharge 2.9-3.1A (Delay Time: 10uS)

Charging Voltage 4.2V

Discharge cut-off voltage 2.5V

Service life: charging and discharging condition 0.2C, charging and discharging 0.2C, capacity remaining 60% after 300 cycles

Charging Temperature 0-45 C

Discharge temperature - 20 - 60 C

Storage temperature - 15 - 30 C

Temperature protection/

Main Characteristics 1. High Energy Specific Density and High Capacity

2. Explosion-proof grade: Exib iiB T4

3. Waterproof grade: IP97

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