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Electrical appliances, outdoor communication equipment, photovoltaic products, outdoor BBU products, power supply; wide temperature range (- 40 - 70 C), charging and discharging under all-weather harsh temperature conditions; especially suitable for outdoor products.

Application Environment Application Situations Indoor Outdoor

Working temperature/humidity - 40-70 C; 40-60% RH

Storage temperature/humidity - 30-45 C; 50-70% RH

Special performance: Charging and discharging at high and low temperatures - charging at 40-45 C and discharging at - 40-70 C.

Other Requirements 1 Year Warranty Period

Explosion-proof grade/

Waterproof grade/

Dust-proof grade/

Drop times 3 times; 300 mm vertical drop

Working voltage range 8.0-13.5V

Battery capacity 6.4Ah/10.4Ah/15.6Ah/20.8Ah

Working hours/

Battery size 175*180*67mm

Normal working current 2000mA

Maximum starting current/

Maximum continuous working current 4.0 A

Frequency and time of electricity use

Power management communication mode_CAN2.0_I2C_RS485 (MODbus)

Product Certification and Environmental Protection Requirements Type GB31241-2014 (CQC)CE

UL2054 UL60950

Un38.3 RCM


_Component Certification BIS


RoHS Battery Instruction

_Halogen-free others:

Solution Design: Battery Specification H PB-211-31 (11.5V6.4Ah)

Core Model LA18650-1350mAh-2.3V

Protection Board and Hardware Configuration IC/





Packaging Form_Basic Protective Class_PVC+Non-Basic Protective Class_Shell+Basic Protective Class_Shell+Non-Basic Protective Class

Main parameters Nominal voltage 11.5 V

Nominal capacity 6400 mAh

Battery size 175*180*67

Battery internal resistance <200 m_

Battery weight 1K G

Charging current 1280mA (0.2C)

Continuous discharge current 2000mA

Protection current 10A

Charging voltage 13.5 V

Discharge cut-off voltage 8.0 V

Service life: Charging and discharging condition 0.2C, charging and discharging 0.2C, more than 10000 times

Charging temperature - 40 - 45 C

Discharge temperature - 40 - 70 C

Storage temperature - 30 - 45 C

Temperature Protection

main features

1. It can work normally under harsh conditions - 40 degrees, and its capacity retention rate is more than 70%.

2. Charge the battery at - 40 degrees.

3. At room temperature, the battery can charge and discharge up to 6C.

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