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Intelligent Electronic Lock

Electric wrench is a mechanized construction tool for assembling threaded parts and bolts. It has the function of automatic control of torque. It is widely used in the erection of bolted and welded structure bridges, the installation of plant, tower and chemical, metallurgical and power generation equipment. Large machinery, lifting equipment and vehicle assembly operations, as well as the screw fastener torque and axial tension have strict requirements. The product is formed by a host computer and a controller. The main engine adopts double insulated single-phase series excitation motor and speed reduction mechanism, with novel structure, safety and reliability. Because of the static torsion structure, smooth operation, no vibration, no impact, low noise, the operator is not affected by the reaction moment, so the labor intensity is low. In the past, the electric wrench relied on AC power supply, which made it very inconvenient to carry mobile work. Based on strong technical strength and deep understanding of battery charging and discharging concept, huge batteries developed lithium batteries specially for portable mobile electric wrench, which greatly improved the efficiency and flexibility of traditional tightening operation. 。 The lithium battery uses lithium cobalt oxide battery with high energy ratio and specific low-temperature discharge characteristics. It can work for a long time at - 40 C. It has low self-discharge rate and no memory effect. It can be charged at any time. The battery has an effective charging mode and perfect protection function.

Design Requirements of Electric Spanner Battery

1. Ultra-low temperature operation function: to meet the northwest cold and low temperature operation, to meet the needs of - 40 C operation;

2. Independent outlet: It adopts the independent output mode of charging and discharging of aviation connectors. It can charge while discharging, and the port is independent.

3. LCD display power: real-time display of battery charge and discharge process power, can monitor battery power at any time.

Design Scheme of Electric Spanner Battery

1. Core selection: High energy density, low temperature performance, high safety rechargeable lithium ion core 18650/2200 mAh/3.7V.

2. Battery Protection System (BMS): The main protection circuit is designed for rechargeable batteries. Due to the chemical characteristics of lithium batteries, it is necessary to provide over-charging, over-discharge, short circuit, over-current and over-temperature protection functions. To avoid the danger of combustion and explosion.

3. Protection IC: The main protection function chip of the design scheme monitors the functions of over-charge, over-discharge, over-current and short-current on-line. Make the core work in a safe, stable and efficient range.

4. Field effect transistor (MOSFET): MOSFET plays a switching role in the protection circuit. It will never increase or decrease the voltage at both ends of the load and ensure voltage stability.

5. LCD power display: The built-in LCD voltage display screen can display the current power situation of battery pack anytime, anywhere and in real time.

Battery package (aluminium alloy shell).